Baxi 231711 printed circuit board

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Baxi 231711 printed circuit board

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Brand: Baxi
Model Number: 231711
Product Description
The printed circuit board or (PCB) is the control centre of the appliance. It constantly checks every process that occurs via the sensors, switches and thermostats. It also enforces the safety measures, making sure that the boiler ceases to function if any of the internal readings point to a fault in the operation. The printed circuit board is effectively the brain of your boiler, It is programmed to ensure everything is running as it should.
Product Features
Suitable for:
Baxi solo 2 pf 30 – 80 boilers
Baxi solo 3 pf 30 – 80 boilers
Baxi solo 3 pfl 30 – 80 boilers

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