Baxi 239289 Kit – Piezo Ignition

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Baxi 239289 Kit – Piezo Ignition

Warmsafe Plumbing and Heating Ltd

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Brand: Baxi
Model Number: 239289
This Part fits:
Celcia Inset 2
Bermuda C4 LPG
Bermuda C4 Renewal
Bermuda C4W
Bermuda C4W LPG
Bermuda C4W Renewal
Bermuda C5
Bermuda C5 LPG
Bermuda C5 NG
Bermuda C5W Mahogany
Bermuda C5W Mahogany Renewal NG
Bermuda C5W Oak
Bermuda C5W Oak LPG – Never Produced
Bermuda C5W Oak Renewal NG
Bermuda Inset 2 BS
Bermuda Inset 2 FS
Bermuda Inset 2 KS
Bermuda Inset 2 TS
Bermuda Inset BS
Bermuda Inset TS
C4W Mahogany
C4W Mahogany Renewal
Finesse BS
Finesse TS
Wentworth Classic
Wentworth Classic Chrome
Wentworth Classic Fan -Flued
Wentworth Classic Fan-Flued Chrome
Wentworth Classic PCF
Wentworth Classic PCF Chrome
Wentworth Deluxe
Wentworth Deluxe Chrome
Wentworth Deluxe Chrome PCF
Wentworth Deluxe Fan-Flued
Wentworth Deluxe Fan-Flued Chrome
Wentworth Deluxe PCF

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