Ideal 171461 Fan Assembly Kit CLA FF 30-80

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Ideal 171461 Fan Assembly Kit CLA

FF 30-80

Warmsafe Plumbing and Heating Ltd

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Brand: Ideal
Model Number: 171461
This Part Fits:
British Gas 100 RD1
British Gas 30 RD1
British Gas 40 RD1
British Gas 50 RD1
British Gas 60 RD1
British Gas 70 RD1
British Gas 80 RD1
Classic 230NF
Classic 240NF
Classic 250NF
Classic 260NF
Classic 260P
Classic 270NF
Classic 280NF
Classic FF 2 100
Classic FF 250P
Classic FF 275P
Classic FF 350P
Classic FF 360P
Classic FF 380P
Classic FF3100
Classic FF330
Classic FF340
Classic FF340 LF
Classic FF350
Classic FF350 LF
Classic FF360
Classic FF360 LF
Classic FF370
Classic FF380
Classic LX FF 250P
Classic LX FF 260P
Classic LX FF 275P
Classic LXFF 230
Classic LXFF 240
Classic LXFF 250
Classic LXFF 260
Classic LXFF 270
Classic LXFF 280
Classic SE12 FF
Classic SE15 FF
Classic SE18 FF
Classic SE21 FF
Classic SE24 FF
Classic SE9 FF
Classic Slimline FF 330
Classic Slimline FF 340
Classic Slimline FF 350
Classic Slimline FF 360
Optia FF30
Optia FF40
Optia FF50
Optia FF60
Optia FF70
Optia FF80
RD1 3100
RD1 330
RD1 340
RD1 350
RD1 360
RD1 370
RD1 380
Product Description
The fan is the part that injects fresh air in to the combustion chamber, allowing the gas to be burnt correctly. It also extracts the burnt gas after the combustion process is complete. The boiler has safety protocols in place to make sure no gas can be passed through to the main burner if the fan is not operating correctly.
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