Vokera 5907 hood assembly

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Vokera 5907 hood assembly
Warmsafe Plumbing and Heating Ltd
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Brand: Vokera
This Part Fits: Vokera COMPACT 29 HE, Vokera EXCELL 96E, Vokera FLOWMATIC 24/96 RSE, Vokera LINEA MAX, Vokera LINEA 28, Vokera LINEA MAX HE, Vokera MAXIN 28E, Vokera MYNUTE 28/96SE, Vokera MYNUTE 28 E, Vokera SABRE 29 HE, Vokera SABRE 29 HE SYSTEM, Vokera SYNERGY 29, Vokera SYNTESI 29, Vokera PROCOMBI 100 HE
Model Number: 5907
Product Information: 
This part is located around the flue section. The flue is an outlet which facilitates the safe expulsion of steam and toxic gases resulting from the boilers normal operation. There are varied types of flue which are dependant on the location of the appliance within the house and what type of unit is present.
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