Worcester Bosch 87161157400 Heat Exchanger Bare Comes With Old Sump (Original Part)

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Worcester Bosch 87161157400 Heat Exchanger

Bare Comes With, Old Sump

Original Part

Warmsafe Plumbing and Heating Ltd

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Product Description
This Worcester Bosch heat exchanger is a genuine replacement part for Greenstar appliances.
The heat exchanger transfers heat from a boiler’s burner to water.
A primary heat exchanger is found in all boilers,
using heat from a burner to raise the temperature of the water in the system while a secondary heat exchanger
is present only in combis and allows the heat to be transferred between closed systems.
This Part Fits:
Worcester Greenstar 12i, 15i, 18i, 24i
Worcester Greenstar 12i LPG, 15i LPG, 18i LPG 24i LPG
Worcester Greenstar 12 Ri, 15 Ri, 18 Ri, 24 Ri
Worcester Greenstar 12 Ri LPG, 15 Ri LPG, 18 Ri LPG, 24 Ri LPG
Worcester Greenstar 24 I Junior, 28 I Junior
Worcester Greenstar 24 I Junior LPG, 28 I Junior LPG
Worcester Greenstar 25 Si, 30 Si
Worcester Greenstar 25 Si LPG, 30 Si LPG

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